Spacial Tapestry 803 - 2017

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Print type: Archival laminated inkjet print
Year: 2017
Art Size: 29 3/4” X 19 3/4”
Materials: Paper, plexiglass

The paintings are made with a combination of professional acrylics, mixed media, house paint, charcoal, markers, as well as mixed media papers cards, objects and varnish as the artist determines is most appropriate at the time he is working. Some paintings are made on acid free watercolor paper, prepared stretched or un-stretched canvas or prepared masonite with 1” X 2” or similar wood pieces to add structure and stability.

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Shipping & handling charges will apply for paintings that require custom-built crates or boxes or tubes depending on packaging for safe transport. All paintings are signed on the front of back and prints the same way or may be signed in the actual digital file.