Artist’s Statement

William Phelps Montgomery

As an artist, my work marries traditional abstract Expressionism with digital technology. The integrity of the
basic underlaying rules of design and form have always been important. Inspiration comes from the colors
and forms found in and influenced by experiences with art history, architecture and sculpture. Using art as
my voice, the work is alive with passion and reflective of curiosity and wide open interpretations of life’s

The work is authentic and personal with much spontaneous activity, a true reflection of the political ongoing
struggle which I grapple with. Sometimes the brush stroke involves a rhythmic back and forth and other
times unconstrained, letting things happen naturally. This exploration requires many alterations and intuitive
approaches and each piece of work is open to my perspective and interpretation of the world I live in.


William Phelps Montgomery



Space Walk
©2015 William Phelps Montgomery

I was raised by art historians, Charles and Florence Montgomery, who imbued my childhood with the wonders of art. They provided experiences and exposures to both the history and the current trends in architecture, the decorative arts, and the fine arts of painting and sculpture around the world. Of the many books and exhibits that I saw, the pivotal one was an international abstract exhibition they took me to at age fourteen in the Hague of Holland. The power of the work ignited an inspiration and sent me on the road to becoming an abstract artist. Painting was my initial technique, however, by 1991 the computer’s potential lured me to virtual painting. I owe everything to my parents who gave me so much. The rest was persistence and hard work. 

Now, decades later, with a treasure trove of digital work and insights gained by creating abstract images using cutting edge technology I have come full circle and returned to painting full time. 

Digital Art Work

The computer allows me to manipulate free form layers of color and shapes into unlikely expression with full control.

Many different applications have been used over the years to produce the work shown here. Please feel free to write with questions of observations. 


The paintings shown here were begun mid September 2014. I painted for many years up to around 1989 when I was able to start learning and experimenting with computers. I enjoy returning to the free form methods I employed in my youth and through art school. As I work with overlapping pigment in many ways they begin to take on a life of their own. Eventually forming some sort of reference to space and design. The rest is up to the viewers imagination.

One Man Shows


Open Book, Smile and Gut
© 2015 William Phelps Montgomery
2017 – 2015 Studio Gallery,
7330 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Fl 33138
2008 Smile Gallery,
Philadelphia, PA
1998 Gloucester County College,
Sewell, NJ
1997 Brandywine Artist Workshop
Philadelphia, PA
1991 Sassafras International Cafe & Art Gallery
Philadelphia, PA
1990 Caribou Cafe
Philadelphia, PA
1988 Silveri’s Restaurant
Philadelphia, PA
1972 Elephant Room, Goldsmith’s College
London, England
1970 Lincoln University
Lincoln University, PA

Art in the collection of Numerous collections in the USA and UK

Group Shows


Mud Hut
© 2015 William Phelps Montgomery


Juried Group/Awards show – Cornell Fine Art Museum, Tech Effect,  Delray Beach, Fl 
  Group show – Artserve, True Colors, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
  Group show – “Starving Artist exhibition”, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  Group show – “Red Eye” Artserve Fund Raiser, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  Group show – “Inspired” Juried exhibition, Gallery One, Hilton Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  Group show – Alfalit corporation, Fund Raiser, Miami, FL
  Group show – “Art and Soul” Fund Raiser, Hilton Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Juried Group/Awards show – Rossetti Gallery, Wilton Manors, FL
  Group show – Projects Gallery, Aqua / Art Basel, Square Foot, Art Basel, Miami, FL


Juried Group/Awards show – Rossetti Gallery, Wilton Manors, FL
  Group show – Projects Gallery, Aqua / Art Basel, Square Foot, Art Basel, Miami, FL


Group show – Projects Gallery, Square Foot, Art Basel, Miami, FL
  Group show – Hangar Gallery, Miami FL
  Juried Group/Awards show – Rossetti Gallery, Wilton Manors, FL
2014 Group show – Hangar Gallery, Miami FL
  Group show – LG Tripp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
  Group show – Art Basel week, Hangar Gallery, Miami FL
2013 Juried show – Jurors Award, Perkins Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ
2011 Juried show – Projects Gallery, Abstraction Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
  Juried show – Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission, Hopkins House, “Real Abstract” Camden NJ
  Group show – Art Basel/Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL
  Miami International Art Fair, Miami, FL
2010 Juried show – PECO Crown Lights – “Art in the Air” – Philadelphia, PA
  Phoenix Village Art Center – “Sci-Fi/Fantasy”, Phoenixville, PA
  DaVinci Art Alliance – “Apocalypse Soon 2012”, Philadelphia, PA
  Group show – Art Basel / Red Dot Fair, Miami, FL
2009 Juried show – Hopkins House, Camden NJ
  Group show – Art Basel / Red Dot Fair, Miami, FL
2008 Juried show – The Philadelphia Sketch Club, “Absolutely Abstract”, Philadelphia, PA
  Perkins Center for the Arts – “Art on Paper”, Moorestown, NJ
2001 Juried show – University of Pennsylvania – “Acts of Kindness Weapons Against Terror” – Philadelphia PA
  Salt Marsh digital show by invitation, Dartmouth MA
1998 Juried show – Silicon Gallery, Digital Fine Arts Group Show, Philadephia, PA
  MacWorld, First Juried Exhibition – Traveling thru Philadelphia to MacWorld San Francisco 1999, Jacob Javitts Center, New York, NY
1997 Juried show – Chester County Art Association, West Chester PA
  American Music Threatre Festival, Channel 12, Philadelphia, PA
1997 American Music theatre Festival, Chanel 12
Philadelphia, PA
1996 Juried show – Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania, American Music Theatre Festival “Cross Waves”, Philadelphia, PA
1995 Juried Show – NYMUG, New York Macintosh Users Group, Annual Juried Exhibition, New York, NY
Borders Books, BrynMawr, PA
Healthwise Natural Food Company – Bala Cynwyd, PA
Borders Books – Group Exhibition, Chestnut Hill, PA
Borders Books, Philadelphia, PA
International Juried Exhibition-Walt Whitman Cultural Arts
“The Book of Icons and Other Digital Addictions”, Rutgers University, Camden, NJ
Silicon Gallery – Fractals and Fantasy Show, Philadelphia, PA
Silicon Gallery – Adobe Photoshop Show, Philadelphia, PA
1994 Silicon Gallery – Scan Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
Borders Books – Photography Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
The William Penn Charter School – Annual Juried Art Show, Philadelphia, PA
1992 “Art At The Armory I” – Philadelphia, PA
1990 “Art At The Armory I” – Philadelphia, PA
1989 Two Person Show – Eisenwerk Gallery Ltd., Philadelphia, PA
Extra Ordinary Objects – Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1985 Fourth Annual Juried Watercolor Exhibition – Perkins Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ
1984 Third Annual Juried Watercolor Exhibition – Perkins Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ
1983 Painted Bride Art Center-Spring Benefit Art Auction, Philadelphia, PA
1979 Juried Show – Federal Court House Show, Philadelphia, PA
First Bank of America-“Great Ideas”, Philadelphia, PA
1978 Juried Show – Old City Arts Gallery, “Umbrella Publications Exhibit”, Philadelphia, PA
1977 Juried Show – April Fools Food Bazaar-First prize “Non-Edible section” University of Pennsylvania, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA
Etage Gallery – Window Display, Philadelphia, PA
Old City Arts – Window Display, “Wear White at Night”, Philadelphia, PA
Old City Arts – Window Display, Philadelphia, PA
1974 Two Man Show – Mt. Vernon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1971 Juried Show – University of Delaware, 50th Anniversary Exhibit, Newark, Delaware
1970 Five Person Show – Home of Theo and Nancy Caroon, Wilmington, Delaware



© 2015 William Phelps Montgomery
William Phelps Montgomery is currently represented by:

Licensing: McGaw Graphics, E. Dorset, VT



Messy Business
©2015 William Phelps Montgomery
1995 The University of The Arts
Philadelphia, PA
1993 The University of The Arts
Advanced Photoshop
Philadelphia, PA
1992-93 Berkeley Corporation,
Diploma Program
DTP, Color and Photographic Manipulations
Bala Cynwyd, PA
1991-92 The University of The Arts
Computer Graphics
Philadelphia, PA
1989-91 The Philadelphia Community College
Computer Aided Design
Philadelphia, PA
1970-71 The Goldsmith’s College, Art Department
Fine Art Painting
London, England
1969-70 The Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Fine Art Painting / Printmaking
Rome, Italy
1968-69 The School of Art and Design, Fine Art Painting
General Disciplines
Philadelphia, PA
1967-68 The Hussian School of Art
Graphic Art and Design
Philadelphia, PA