We offer a wide range of original abstract Fine Art available in the US, Canada and world-wide. Beyond our remarkable selection of paintings, and fine art prints, we also can in many cases adjust colors to work with décor and enlarge to almost any size. We strive to make your dream reality and fit out residential, commercial, healthcare and beyond. Explore our gorgeous web site and studio with personal tours. Recharge your creative spirit for an original and unique expression, art can lift us up, touch our hearts, amuse or entertain us. Whatever its effect, connecting with art is a distinctly personal experience.

Many Abstract Fine Art clients will need a mix of original art and reproductions to create a strong visual impact while also extending their purchasing power. In particular, clients who require a substantial portfolio of artwork typically employ a tiered strategy putting significant works in public and client spaces while using more costeffective, but equally attractive and enjoyable choices, in other areas. Art that works does not have to be original to be effective. In addition to paintings and digital prints, our extensive collection of contemporary works offer equal visual satisfaction at a reasonable price. Buying art is an investment in pleasure. Clients can view and consider these options and an enormous range of styles and choices in our studio gallery, conveniently located in the Little River Business District in Miami Florida

In the world of business, art does not merely serve a decorative function. It also provides companies with the opportunity to project a positive corporate image. Whether you are looking to gift a client or decorate the wing of a hospital. Abstract Fine Art has the expertise and experience to leverage the many aesthetic benefits of art to express your unique corporate culture. Our goal is to create the greatest impact within a business environment, consistent with the purpose and nature of the workspace or theme. Whether your project is for a particular room or a complete building, we work closely with you and or your design team to develop an art program that is economical while still communicating a desired aesthetic. For large scale projects, we work with your design team to develop a custom proposal consistent with the overall design strategy while satisfying common business parameters within a prescribed budget.


For most of us, purchasing art for our homes is often about falling in love with a work of art that gives us great comfort and pleasure. Sometimes, it’s about creating a special feeling or mood in a particular space. And occasionally, it’s about finding just the right image to complement a room. For business, art can subtly communicate to both clients and customers a signature corporate image. It can enliven public areas, improve workplace surroundings and even stimulate creative thinking. Art can also be a way of contributing to the cultural life of employees and the community. The intrinsic value of art can neither be quantified nor qualified based on price alone. While the art world can put a “market value” on work that is internationally or historically prized, fashionable, or popular, wonderful images from William Phelps Montgomery and Abstract Fine Art can be acquired in a very broad range of prices to suit nearly every budget. Good art does not have to be expensive to be effective.

Work and Play

Paintings • Mixed Media • Digital Prints • Visit the Archives for a complete inventory. Please request larger samples for viewing any of our images.

Paintings • Mixed Media • Digital Prints • Visit the Archives for a complete inventory. Please request larger samples for viewing any of our images.


Paintings on wood panels, acrylic, house paint, charcoal, plaster

We use archival Epson pigmented inks.

Prints on acid free watercolor paper: 8”X10” to 60”X80”

Prints on Canvas: 8”X10” to 60”X80”

Prints on paper laminated under museum grade plexiglass: 8”X10” to 60”X80”

We find speaking with the client is the most benificial way to address all concerns. Private studio tours can be arranged, or we can meet at your office or job site to discuss your project in depth. We specialize in working with your design team to meet all your goals. Full service framing and installation is available if needed.

Estimates provided • Color modifications • Additional sizes available

William Montgomery • Studio: 7330 NE 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33138 Little River Business District • artsales321@abstractfineart.com www.abstractfineart.com • 215.350.2282