Limited Editions


Casting the Net
© 2015 William Phelps Montgomery
Each print is signed and numbered
The print runs are limited as follows:

  • Laminated Archival Prints – 10
  • Prints on Canvas – 10
  • Giclee Prints up to year 2010 – 75, after year 2010 – 10

Each print includes a signed Letter of Authenticity indicating location of image created, print type, edition number, applications used, etc. Once the edition has been completed, the digital file will no longer be used to produce additional prints of like size, print media or exact image content.

Unique editions or one of a kind prints for private and public art projects are available on request.



Inside Joke
© 2015 William Phelps Montgomery
All work may be licensed for a specific period of time and region of the world depending on use and fee for that purpose.