About Archival Printing giclée

Each work of art is crafted using a digital printmaking process. Adobe Photoshop with ArtMatic Pro or Art Rage Pro were the applications of preference up to around 2011. Since then I have been using PaintBook on an Apple iPad, then using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to modify further.

The artworks are created as limited editions using archival inks, hand made water color papers, and professional grade canvas approved by the artist. . With respect to the new laminated Lambda prints, the printed substrate is a Fuji Flex polyester base material.

In general, the printer sprays pigmented ink through fine nozzles to create a rich, smooth and detailed image. The inks are water resistant. Most work is printed on American hand made papers manufactured by Entrata or equal quality 300gsm.

Epson inkjet prints on Entrata paper have a projected life of up to one hundred years. Other conditions will affect longevity. The prints should be treated like a fine watercolor original and therefore the prints should be framed under glass using archival materials. All prints are sensitive to surface scratching. All prints should be stored flat in archival papers and wrappings. If you receive your print in a glassine envelope, tape the flap back to avoid damage to the print surface while removing.

For more information regarding the printing process feel free to contact us.

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